About Pastry Chef Medina

Hey everyone!

My name is Idaliana Medina and I was born and raised in Worcester, MA. I will always be a New England girl at heart, no matter where future plans take me, mostly because I can't be more than 5 miles from a Dunkins but that's a different story lol. I have always loved the kitchen. I started cooking when I was 6, mostly because I was a picky eater so my mom taught me how to make the foods I liked. Lasagne, Pernil, Mashed Potatoes are my top three in case you were wondering. I love to be in the kitchen whether cooking, baking or watching someone do something I haven't seen before. 

Growing up in the kitchen, one of the many careers I wanted to pursue was to become a chef. However, I ended up at Worcester State University and got a degree in Psychology. After that, I got my masters in Higher Education. While I love my job and my students, I know that I want to be in a kitchen or around food somehow. During college, I was the Assistant Front End Manager at Price Rite Supermarkets for five years. One of the reasons I loved that job was because it exposed me to new foods that I had never heard of. 

In 2014, I started baking cupcakes on the weekend and eventually opened a small cupcake business. I would soon start to cater for my friends and family and supply cupcakes for baby showers, birthday and weddings. I decided to pursue another degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Johnson & Wales University because I knew there were different techniques and pastries that I knew nothing about.

My dream is to be a master in the kitchen and open my own pastry shop. I am excited to see what I learn during my time at JWU and to see how I can showcase to those around me. I hope you enjoy the site and enjoy my creations and my traveling tastebuds!